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JAYS Headset Control Help

Off Mode

The application is switched off and has no functionality.

Easy Mode

Default settings and work as described below the JAYS navigation wheel.

Advanced Mode

This mode lets you control most of the settings.

Button Actions

The headphone symbol takes you to where you set how each button action shall react when playing music.

The phone symbol takes you to where you set how each button action shall react during phone calls.


Audio Feedback
Lets you decide if the app should play notification sounds for button actions, volume changes, app launches etc.

Volume Settings
If you have activated “Volume reset and rise at start” under “Button Actions” this slider sets the start value for the volume reset in percentage.

Functionality Settings
“Target Media player” let's you chose if you want the app to control a specific media player, this is where you decide which one. If no media player is chosen the app will instead, on most phones, control the player last used or the stock phone media player.

“Wake up on app launches” turns the screen on when an app is launched using the button actions (e.g., Voice Commands). If screen lock is activated this must first be deactivated to make this work.

”Unlock on app launches” will bypass the screen lock so it opens up completely right away. By default this is set to off to no create an instant security issue.


”Multiple clicks” lets you adjust the longest time difference between multiple clicks the app should reacts to. Some wants to click fast and some slow. Spin the wheel and set the value that works best for your phone and your needs.

”Click & Hold” lets you fine-tune how long to hold the button for click and hold actions.

Note: Depending on the values set they might interfere with each other.


“JAYS Earphones” direct you to JAYS’ products page. Check out our range and read more at

“Rate this app” let’s you rate our app at Android Market. We cannot answer support matters on android market website so if you have inquiries or complaints then please send us an email instead and we will try to help you out. Email us at

“We Like Headset Droid” takes you to an app with even more features. That app is not made by JAYS meaning JAYS does not handle support on that app.

“Headset Monitor” lets you investigate in what is happening between the headset and the phone if you have issues. When you press the button text shall show values in milliseconds (ms). These values show you how fast you press and from that you can also fine-tune the button-delay settings under “advanced/delay”. If it does not show anything then press the text or press the “menu button” and then “check for conflicts. If there is a conflict then you must close that other app to make our app work properly. If it doesn’t show anything then you need to send an email to our support team.

“Help” is where you’re at right now.

Android Menu Button Options

“Check for conflicts” shows you if there are other programs interfering with our app. If so, then close those apps.

“Debug Mode” shows you button actions on the display.

“Export/Import settings” let’s you export or import your settings to your SD-card.

“Restore Defaults” lets you restore all settings to as it was when installed. All settings made will disappear.

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