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  • JAYS Headset Control app for Android.


    Our JAYS Headset Control app for Android is just released and free of charge and we think it's great. It will give your a-JAYS One+ earphones a high five and bring features such as volume control, app control etc. Go check it out.

    PS: a-JAYS One+ is shipping as we write so check with a reseller near you and make Christmas a little bit better.

  • Sunday Telegraph


    Our a-JAYS Four iPhone white featured in last weekend's issue of the Sunday Telegraph. It's looking good.

  • The most impressive $69 earbuds we have ever tested.


    Beatweek Magazine just laid their hands and ears on a-JAYS Four iPhone and it seems like they enjoyed them quite a lot. Check it out.

    To be clear, you can spend north of $100 and get audio quality that’s far superior to this. But I’ve tested enough earbuds in the $69 range to be able to state with confidence that the a-JAYS Four blows the rest of them away. This is the first time we’ve ever given a perfect five star rating to a sub-$100 earbud product.



  • Time to take out the trash


    Come on, we all have to chip in. Now the time has come for you guys in Singapore to take your global responsibility, make the World a better place for your ears and recycle in your crappy headphones for a pair of audio quality approved JAYS (at a discount).

    Visit the SITEX 2011 at Singapore Expo Hall 5, booth 5J44 or EpiCentre Hall 6, booth 6E20 between November 24 to 27. What are you waiting for, the polar bears are counting on it !

    Click here for more info

  • a-JAYS Four iPhone White now in stores!


    a-JAYS Four iPhone in pure snow white is now shipping and in many stores all over the world. Be sure to check them out.

    Why? Because they're worth it.


  • The Longer The Waiting, The Sweeter The Kiss.


    It's about time to adjust to weekend-mode. And a good way doing that (if you don't listen to Basshunter that is) is to tune in to Anna Ternheim's new song above. Also be sure to check it out on that thingy called Spotify. I'm sure you heard of it.

    Take care!

  • A great man.


    A great man has passed away.
    We send our warmest condolences.

  • Pass it on - Geo Slam


    World renowned producer RedOne surrounds himself with the world´s greatest talent. Our friend Geo Slam is up there as a member of the team as song writer, producer and guitar player with the true gods of pop music. Very much like JAYS, the team around RedOne base its success on hard work, talent, humanity, an unconditional love for music and admiration for group efforts. Simply, what magic things people can do together if they set their mind to it and play with, and gives back to, the great divinity of life.

  • a-JAYS One+ in tango with JAYS Headset Control App.


    We are happy to announce the official release of our new baby a-JAYS One+ that has a 1-button remote, built in microphone and the awesome tangle-free flat cable. It will work great on most HTC, Samsung, BlackBerry, LG, Motorola and Apple devices and will take you to the next level of a better sound experience. Priced at only 395SEK/49.99USD this is one of the most valuable remote earphones on the market we think.

    But we have one more thing... (I stole that one)

    The JAYS Headset Control Android App

    Normally when you connect this kind of remote earbud you will only be able to control Play/Pause/Answer/Hang up, but we thought this isn't enough so we took it a step further as we normally do and developed the JAYS Headset Control Android App which when installed on an Android device (2.2 and later / Tablet or Phone) will give you new features like volume up/down, change tracks forward and rewind, voice control and more. All tweakable for your needs and we thought it could be free since we want everyone to be able to enjoy all cool features optimized for a-JAYS One+. The download will be open when the product ships on and Android Marketplace.


  • c-JAYS on a plate (but not for eating)


    Villa Alicia

    Courtesy of: Alecia Neo

    JAYS likes working with talented people, therefore we were glad we were selected to be part of the art installation “Villa Alicia” in Singapore by the very talented Alecia Neo, in collaboration with musician Clarence Chung, who created the soundscapes for this project.

    Alecia Neo's next art work, featuring some new soundscapes by Clarence will open in Feb 2012, at the M1 Fringe Festival 2012, Singapore.

    Go here for more information :

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