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  • #PassYourJAYS - Newtimers



    Growing up, life was all about music for Tim and Andreas, the duo behind Newtimers. Tim grew up with touring musicians as parents, known, from a very early age, what his future would be about. Andreas grew up with a single, immigrant mother and on various institutions for problematic youth. Instead of school, he studied lyrics. You could say the stereo was his father. Parental guidance was not advised because that father of his, spreading the message of anything from Vivaldi to Wu Tang Clan, didn't have a filter.

    They met in the early 00’s as a drummer and a rapper being recruited to the same band and shortly thereafter formed their partnership which would become Newtimers. Recently, the duo has been noticeable for features on hit singels such as 'When The Night Is Over' by The Magician and 'Together' alongside CAZZETTE and now it's time to finally reveal what Newtimers really is about a three track EP. All in all, this is Swedish melancholy at its absolute finest.

    Active since 2004 with a debut release in 2016, Newtimers were once called ”the band everyone has heard of but nobody’s seen” by one of Sweden’s biggest newspapers. Well, they say good things come to those who wait, and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate Newtimers’ new EP by including them in the #PassYourJAYS initiative.

    "We wanna pass our JAYS to our dear friend Kendal Johansson. Being a brilliant songwriter, producer and soundartist he really needs good quality sound in his genius ears when he's walking around gathering inspiration. He's also a genuinely stylish man. Sweets for our sweet."

    Check out the new EP here.

    Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another 10 years to hear more from these two!

    Follow #PassYourJAYS in social media for more tributes to the love of music.


  • MajorHifi review the u-JAYS On-ear headphones


    u-JAYS On-ear headphones

    "Packing a great dynamic sound with a midrange that doesn’t cut corners [...] these headphones offer a sound that can adapt to just about any genre. For $199, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better-sounding on-ear model. Even over-ear options would skew one direction or another, and you’d miss out on the whole package offered by these headphones."

    Thank your Carroll and MajorHifi for reviewing our u-JAYS On-ear headphones!

    Read the full review.

  • JAYS Pop-up at Make Musik Sthlm 2016


    JAYS Pop-up at Nytorget, Stockholm

    For the 7th year running, musicians take over the streets of Södermalm in Stockholm during one day in June for Make Musik Sthlm. What makes the festival unique is that most concerts take place on the streets, squares and parks of the city – making the music available to all.

    JAYS were invited to take part of the festivities and set up a pop-up store in the center of activity. Wanting to always be close to and encourage creating music we were happy to also run a contest offering whoever posted the most engaging Instagram photo of a band during the festival a pair of u-JAYS headphones, and for the band in the photo a full day in #StudiobyJAYS.

    See you next year!



  • #PassYourJAYS - Brisa Roché


    Brisa Roche

    Brisa Roché was born in Arcata, California. Having a rural and somewhat secluded childhood she developed an assertive and unique personality. Her music career started as she moved to Paris and frequented the bars to play jazz piano. In 2005, signed to Blue Note, she released her debut album “The Chase” earning her a hasty comparison to Björk.

    Dissatisfied with her debut, Brisa decided not only to leave her previous label but also to shift from jazz to the folk rock genre – almost like something out of San Fransisco in ’67. To celebrate her latest release “Invisible 1”, made between California and Paris, we are happy to include Brisa in #PassYourJAYS.

    When we met her at Les Femmes s’en Mêlent music festival earlier this year and asked who she wanted to pass on a pair of u-JAYS to, this was her response:

    “To my manager! He is always there for me and he has given me headphones before. Also, I know that he doesn’t have any at the moment and that he loves the brand JAYS.”

    Check out the new album here.

    Follow #PassYourJAYS in social media for more tributes to the love of music. 



    Photo by Florie Berger.

  • Digit review the u-JAYS On-ear headphones


    Digit u-JAYS On-ear headphones

    "The replaceable cables, minimalistic styling, great sound and unmatched comfort make u-Jays a worthy purchase for anyone looking for quality on-ear headphones."

    Thanks Digit for reviewing the u-JAYS On-ear headphones!

    Read the full review.

  • Versatility With the Right Kind of Kick


    Technology Pep u-JAYS On-ear headphones

    "u-JAYS excel in keeping the discipline wherein many other streetwear headphones fail to do and that is to have a taut bass. It has the punch. It has the power. However, these don't overpower the other areas of the sound spectrum. Therefore, ti doesn't infect higher frequencies which would otherwise make the overall sound to be cluttered"

    Thanks Technology Pep for reviewing the u-JAYS!

    Read the full review.

  • Premium design at a high price


    Times of India - u-JAYS On-ear headphones

    "The u-Jays headphones left us thoroughly impressed with their design and audio performance."

    Thank you The Times of India for reviewing the u-JAYS!

    Read the full review.

  • #PassYourJAYS - Helluvah



    Born in 1982 in Paris, Camille Warmé goes on the adventure Helluvah via a demo of 5 songs recorded at the end of 2005. After two albums well received and one EP noticed, Helluvah is back in March 2015 with her new album Long Distance Runners, released at Dead Bees Records. Passed by folk accents then by a second album more rock, Helluvah took a turn more electro-pop, without sacrificing the raw and nerve guitars.

    "Helluvah expands her universe by creating post industrial atmospheres that her singular voice manages to make mysterious and bewitching." - Télérama

    "Catchy, heady, warm or even hot" - Tsugi

    "Camille Warmé directly ran through the third gear without to clutch, and however she controls a hypnotic and dancing vehicle out of control." - Indiemusic

    Camille is more than welcome to our #PassYourJAYS concept, passing on a pair of u-JAYS On-ear headphones to her friend since 17 years, Magali, who ”courageously accompanied me on stage for the first time today, especially for Record Store Day!"

    Check out the video from their performance at our Paris Office for Record Store Day, and follow #PassYourJAYS in social media for more tributes and love of music.


    (Photo by Florie Berger. Video by Sebastien Dehesdin)

  • u-Jays Review: An exercise in minimalism


    u-JAYS On-ear headphones

    "Tuned for laid-back listening sessions - Sonically, the u-Jays are clean and present crisp sound ideally tuned for longer listening sessions. If we had to force an analogy for better understanding, the u-Jays’ sound signature can be compared to the taste of a slow-cooked smoked piece of meat; you need a fair bit of patience to appreciate its quality. In a nutshell, the apparent lack of attack on the first few listens is soon taken over by the comfort of the u-Jays’ laid-back sound."

    Thank you Gear by MySmartprice for reviewing the u-JAYS On-ear headphones.

    Read the full review.

  • #PassYourJAYS - Jonas Svennem, Winhill/Losehill


    Jonas Svennem, Winhill/Losehill

    Jonas Svennem is the lead vocalist of Swedish six-member band Winhill/Losehill. The band released their debut album “Swing of Sorrow” in 2012 and received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Since Swing of Sorrow was released, the band collaborated with various Swedish Symphony Orchestras which had a major impact on the sounds and sound that can be heard in the new songs as second album “Trouble Will Snowball” was released in 2015.

    We’re happy to include Jonas in #PassYourJAYS and look forward to hearing what the band is coming with next!

    “I would like to pass on a pair of u-JAYS to my cousin Andreas Nilsson. Andreas has always inspired and pepped me in my work with music and sound so it feels really good to be able to pass on this awesome sound experience to him”

    Follow #PassYourJAYS in social media for more tributes and shared love of music!


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