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  • q-JAYS Anniversary Edition


    q-JAYS Anniversary Edition

    At JAYS, we never stop refining. Therefore, we are proud to announce that we celebrate our 10-year anniversary by developing a limited Anniversary Edition of our latest q-JAYS Reference earphones.

    The brand new Anniversary Edition will be precision made by CNC and laser cutting, fine-polished to a unique metal look in an all stainless steel housing. A brand new, high-quality, twisted white cable set will also accompany the new anniversary design, which will be produced in a limited edition of 200 numbered pieces released later this year.

    “We are, and have always been, striving to achieve perfection in everything we do. The limited run of q-JAYS Anniversary Edition is truly something unique, and our way of saying thank you for our first 10 years as a company.” says Rune Torbjörnsen, CEO, Jays AB (publ).

    Read the press release here.


  • #PassYourJAYS - Vitaphone



    From psychedelic lullaby to hysterical guitar chords, Vitaphone plays free and creative rock’n’roll. Every track questions the identity of this multi-faceted band, causing disco balls to fall off the ceiling and melt into boiling broth. A supernatural voice and flexible sonic material draw halos of green light around Vitaphone.

    After performning at JAYS Paris office for Record Store Day 2016 we just had to include them in #PassYourJAYS. On the question who Vincent of Vitaphone wanted to pass his u-JAYS On-ear headphones to - he responded:

    Vincent (Vitaphone) : "Hey Alice...are you happy with your headphone?"
    Alice (his partner) : "Well...not really!"
    Vincent : "So to Alice ! Why? Because we play in the band together! Because we play music together! And it's important that she listens music with professional headphone."

    Check out the video from their performance at JAYS Paris Office below - and follow #PassYourJAYS in social media for more tributes and shared love of music!


  • JAYS x Monocle Magazine


    Monocle Magazine issue 93

    JAYS in Monocle Magazine, issue 93

    "Quiet design - Stockholm

    Earphones and headphones are such small pieces of kit that you'd be forgiven for missing something as rarefied as Swedish design pedigree. Of course, the point of good design is not noticing it's there - and that's where JAYS, founded in Stockholm in 2006, comes in. New to the stable are the q-JAYS earphones and u-JAYS headphones that positively love anything you throw at them, as well as giving you a fresh skinny on your old favourites. Detail, depth and precision added to beautiful engineering mean a handsome new benchmark for your lugholes."

  • #PassYourJAYS - Ji Nilsson


    Swedish producer, songwriter and singer Ji Nilsson has collaborated with a range of artists during the last couple of years including Marlene, Up To No Good, Hjältar Mot Sin Vilja and Min Stora Sorg. Her first EP “Blue is the saddest color” came out in November and we’re proud to include her in our #PassYourJAYS initiative.

    “I would like to give my u-JAYS to music video makers Karolina Bengtsson and Joanna Nordahl aka BoomBossGäris whom I have had the honor to work with the last two years. Sound is a very important part of their job so it feels great to be able to give a good pair of headphones to them!”

    - Ji Nilsson, producer & artist

    Follow #PassYourJAYS in social media for more tributes and shared love of music.


  • q-JAYS x TrustedReviews



    "What’s so special about the q-Jays is that [...] the sense of high-resolution audio reaches down into the mid-range rather than just using bright treble to make the earphones seem conspicuously insightful. In this sense at least, these earphones can compete with much more expensive pairs [...]

    Having those mids nailed make vocals and instruments like guitars sound all the more realistic. This is what audio fidelity is really about. The mid-range isn't pushed forwards, which would make vocals and other middy parts in the arrangement seem close to your ears, as it's the treble that has that extra presence. As such, the q-Jays sound profile is slight and delicate, but not to the extent it seems flat-out thin."

    Thank you TrustedReviews for reviewing the q-JAYS Reference earphones!

    Read more the full review.

  • Disquaire Day @ JAYS Paris Office


    Check out this short video from our office live sessions on Record Store Day - let's do it again next year!

    Again, a big thank you to Vitaphone & Helluvah for their great contributions, to the public for not being put off by faceing the first drops of rain and obviously the Record Store Day team for this great moment of music sharing!


  • #PassYourJAYS - Nisj


    Nils Svennem Lundberg

    Swedish producer Nisj originates from Umeå in the north of Sweden. Since his move to Stockholm some 10 years ago he has produced music with names like Silvana Imam, Michel Dida and many more.

    Earlier this year he was rewarded a Swedish Grammy as producer of the year. We’re thrilled to include Nisj as part of the #PassYourJAYS initiative.

    “I wish to give a pair of u-JAYS headphones to my friend, Karin Gyllenklev. We - together with Jesper Rönndahl and Katrin Kasström - made science radio together for almost 5 years. Karin is a very sharp person who succeeds in conveying dense knowledge in an easygoing manner. Where Karin lives, she is also surrounded by lot of woods, fields, small mountains and lakes. Ideal for long walks with good listening.”

    - Nisj, producer

    Follow #PassYourJAYS in social media for more tributes and shared love of music.


  • MajorHifi review the q-JAYS Reference earphones



    "Mids and highs on this headphone are wonderfully articulate and velvety smooth. Everything sounds exactly as it should.  The depth and separation to music takes on a whole new character – something I’ve never seen in earphones at this price."

    Thank you MajorHifi for reviewing the q-JAYS!

    Read the full review.

  • #PassYourJAYS - Cléa Vincent


    Cléa Vincent

    Cléa Vincent is a young Parisian capable of anything, like the release of her two electro albums in 2014. Electronic music is in her blood from growing up in the late 90's and the 2000's with a curiosity about the French repertoire from France Gall to Daho through Elli & Jacno. Naive, fresh and deeply addictive.

    As part of #PassYourJAYS Cléa would like to pass a pair of u-JAYS On-ear headphones to "Lucie, the singer from Bon Voyage Organization. She represents the musician singer and dancer wife; natural and sensual as I like."

    Follow #PassYourJAYS in social media for more tributes and shared love of music.


  • #PassYourJAYS - Aldous Harding


    #PassYourJAYS - Aldous Harding - "Hunter" from JAYS Headphones on Vimeo.

    Hailing from New Zealand’s Southern port town of Lyttelton, Aldous Harding has received attention and accolades from some of the most illustrious corners of the music industry. Disarming in its desolate imagery and stark instrumentation, Aldous’ music deals with the raw materials of life: death, birth, grief and love. There are few happy endings, but the power is in how Harding enters into battle; with a dancer’s grace and a boxer’s stance.

    We met Aldous at Les Femmes S’en Mêlent music festival in Paris earlier this year and got the opportunity to include her in the #PassYourJAYS concept by passing a pair of u-JAYS On-ear headphones to her manager, Olivia, who ”deserves to hear the beats right.”

    Follow #PassYourJAYS in social media for more tributes and shared love of music and check out for more about Aldous.



    Video by Sebastien Dehesdin

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