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a-JAYS One+ in tango with JAYS Headset Control App.


We are happy to announce the official release of our new baby a-JAYS One+ that has a 1-button remote, built in microphone and the awesome tangle-free flat cable. It will work great on most HTC, Samsung, BlackBerry, LG, Motorola and Apple devices and will take you to the next level of a better sound experience. Priced at only 395SEK/49.99USD this is one of the most valuable remote earphones on the market we think.

But we have one more thing... (I stole that one)

The JAYS Headset Control Android App

Normally when you connect this kind of remote earbud you will only be able to control Play/Pause/Answer/Hang up, but we thought this isn't enough so we took it a step further as we normally do and developed the JAYS Headset Control Android App which when installed on an Android device (2.2 and later / Tablet or Phone) will give you new features like volume up/down, change tracks forward and rewind, voice control and more. All tweakable for your needs and we thought it could be free since we want everyone to be able to enjoy all cool features optimized for a-JAYS One+. The download will be open when the product ships on and Android Marketplace.


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