#PassYourJAYS - Brisa Roché


Brisa Roche

Brisa Roché was born in Arcata, California. Having a rural and somewhat secluded childhood she developed an assertive and unique personality. Her music career started as she moved to Paris and frequented the bars to play jazz piano. In 2005, signed to Blue Note, she released her debut album “The Chase” earning her a hasty comparison to Björk.

Dissatisfied with her debut, Brisa decided not only to leave her previous label but also to shift from jazz to the folk rock genre – almost like something out of San Fransisco in ’67. To celebrate her latest release “Invisible 1”, made between California and Paris, we are happy to include Brisa in #PassYourJAYS.

When we met her at Les Femmes s’en Mêlent music festival earlier this year and asked who she wanted to pass on a pair of u-JAYS to, this was her response:

“To my manager! He is always there for me and he has given me headphones before. Also, I know that he doesn’t have any at the moment and that he loves the brand JAYS.”

Check out the new album here.

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Photo by Florie Berger.

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