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#PassYourJAYS - Maia Hirasawa


Say hello to Swedish songwriter and artist Maia Hirasawa who has been kind enough to pass on a pair of u-JAYS On-ear headphones as part of #PassYourJAYS with the beautiful quote below. Like us, Maia is from Stockholm, Sweden and has made great contributions to the Swedish music industry for the last 10 years.

Thank you Maia!

"I want to pass a pair of u-JAYS to my dear friend Maiko Chiba. She lives in Kyoto, Japan and is the most dedicated Swedish music nerd I know. She loves everything about Sweden and Swedish music, and has an incredibly good eye on the Swedish music scene.

We got to know one another when I lived In Japan in 2010. She came to one of my concerts, already having gotten my CDs though I had barely worked in Japan. She had also learned to talk some Swedish, and we decided to help each other improve her Swedish and my Japanese. To this day we mix the two languages freely when we talk – it must not sound quite sane."

- Maia Hirasawa, Artist & songwriter

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