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Growing up, life was all about music for Tim and Andreas, the duo behind Newtimers. Tim grew up with touring musicians as parents, known, from a very early age, what his future would be about. Andreas grew up with a single, immigrant mother and on various institutions for problematic youth. Instead of school, he studied lyrics. You could say the stereo was his father. Parental guidance was not advised because that father of his, spreading the message of anything from Vivaldi to Wu Tang Clan, didn't have a filter.

They met in the early 00’s as a drummer and a rapper being recruited to the same band and shortly thereafter formed their partnership which would become Newtimers. Recently, the duo has been noticeable for features on hit singels such as 'When The Night Is Over' by The Magician and 'Together' alongside CAZZETTE and now it's time to finally reveal what Newtimers really is about a three track EP. All in all, this is Swedish melancholy at its absolute finest.

Active since 2004 with a debut release in 2016, Newtimers were once called ”the band everyone has heard of but nobody’s seen” by one of Sweden’s biggest newspapers. Well, they say good things come to those who wait, and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate Newtimers’ new EP by including them in the #PassYourJAYS initiative.

"We wanna pass our JAYS to our dear friend Kendal Johansson. Being a brilliant songwriter, producer and soundartist he really needs good quality sound in his genius ears when he's walking around gathering inspiration. He's also a genuinely stylish man. Sweets for our sweet."

Check out the new EP here.

Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another 10 years to hear more from these two!

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