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  • MajorHifi review the u-JAYS On-ear headphones


    u-JAYS On-ear headphones

    "Packing a great dynamic sound with a midrange that doesn’t cut corners [...] these headphones offer a sound that can adapt to just about any genre. For $199, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better-sounding on-ear model. Even over-ear options would skew one direction or another, and you’d miss out on the whole package offered by these headphones."

    Thank your Carroll and MajorHifi for reviewing our u-JAYS On-ear headphones!

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  • MajorHifi review the q-JAYS Reference earphones



    "Mids and highs on this headphone are wonderfully articulate and velvety smooth. Everything sounds exactly as it should.  The depth and separation to music takes on a whole new character – something I’ve never seen in earphones at this price."

    Thank you MajorHifi for reviewing the q-JAYS!

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