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  • JAYS x Monocle Magazine


    Monocle Magazine issue 93

    JAYS in Monocle Magazine, issue 93

    "Quiet design - Stockholm

    Earphones and headphones are such small pieces of kit that you'd be forgiven for missing something as rarefied as Swedish design pedigree. Of course, the point of good design is not noticing it's there - and that's where JAYS, founded in Stockholm in 2006, comes in. New to the stable are the q-JAYS earphones and u-JAYS headphones that positively love anything you throw at them, as well as giving you a fresh skinny on your old favourites. Detail, depth and precision added to beautiful engineering mean a handsome new benchmark for your lugholes."

  • q-JAYS x TrustedReviews



    "What’s so special about the q-Jays is that [...] the sense of high-resolution audio reaches down into the mid-range rather than just using bright treble to make the earphones seem conspicuously insightful. In this sense at least, these earphones can compete with much more expensive pairs [...]

    Having those mids nailed make vocals and instruments like guitars sound all the more realistic. This is what audio fidelity is really about. The mid-range isn't pushed forwards, which would make vocals and other middy parts in the arrangement seem close to your ears, as it's the treble that has that extra presence. As such, the q-Jays sound profile is slight and delicate, but not to the extent it seems flat-out thin."

    Thank you TrustedReviews for reviewing the q-JAYS Reference earphones!

    Read more the full review.

  • MajorHifi review the q-JAYS Reference earphones



    "Mids and highs on this headphone are wonderfully articulate and velvety smooth. Everything sounds exactly as it should.  The depth and separation to music takes on a whole new character – something I’ve never seen in earphones at this price."

    Thank you MajorHifi for reviewing the q-JAYS!

    Read the full review.

  • JAYS q-JAYS 2 – Marvel of Engineering



    "JAYS have managed to make the dual driver BA sexy again, and that’s no small feat on its own. Ignoring the driver-number game or the price war from China, I think many will agree that the new q-JAYS is perhaps one of the most refined and well-engineered IEM in a total package that $400 can buy."

    Thank you Inearmatters for reviewing the q-JAYS Reference earphones!

    Read the full review.

  • u-JAYS x Odlaier


    Odlaier u-JAYS On-ear headphones

    "A sleek headpiece with remarkable comfort and superb sound quality.

    The core is made of one-piece stainless steel which provides simplicity and durability. It’s equipped with three-button remote cable and mic that is fully-integrated with any apple device. Just plug and play, as simple as that—no fussy requirement needed.  

    The design is another thing that needs to be praised for. It has a sort of slim yet sophisticated impression, a flawless match to sit around your head without making any rebel statement. Everything just seems to be right about this headphone, make it a worth companion for any acoustic moment you need."

    Thanks Reinaldo for sharing your thoughts and beautiful shots of our u-JAYS On-ear headphones!

    Read the full feature.

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