• Jays breaks the sound barrier with this outstanding $119 on-ear headphone


    u-JAYS On-ear headphones

    "Unboxing Jays' little u-Jays on-ear, my first impression was that these headphones look and feel are distinctly better than I'd expect for $120 (with free shipping on Amazon). I popped 'em on my head, they sounded really nice, so I kept listening. Checked the price again, yup, it's $120. So I listened some more. [...]

    It sounds pretty refined with classical and jazz, lows are plenty deep, midrange is natural, and the highs are clear. On-ear designs can sound somewhat claustrophobic or cramped inside my noggin, but the u-Jays' soundstage was admirably spacious.

    Kicking back with Dinosaur Jr.'s "Farm," the u-Jays wasted no time establishing their rock credibility. The sound was nicely balanced, not too bright or grating, but there was no shortage of detail. This headphone isn't the least bit fussy about the sound of your music, it's friendly to all genres."

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  • A closeup on the Jays u-Jays


    u-JAYS On-ear headphones

    "Holding my reviewer’s breath long enough to do a pictorial closeup on the Jays’s latest headphone is no mean feat. The reason is simple: the u-Jays is, in my opinion, Jays’s best and most cohesive-sounding product. It shares the brilliant warmth of Nuforce’s HEM2, which sweetens every spin of New Order, of Iggy Pop, of Joy Division. But it follows it with fractionally more high-frequency extension and stereo detail. The smooth is balanced with the scrupulousness. In now way am I suggesting that audiophiles looking for reference quality pick it up. It’s not that phone. But where it comes to HiFi sounds, u-Jays knock it out of the park."

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  • Introducing u-JAYS Wireless


    u-JAYS Wireless Black on gold edition

    We're happy to introduce our first Bluetooth® headphone! u-JAYS Wireless is an addition to last year’s applauded launch of the u-JAYS Series and is expected by the end of 2016.

    The new wireless headphone is, like its wired counterpart, crafted with emphasis on quality and attention to detail and complements the much appreciated qualities of its predecessor with wireless freedom.

    u-JAYS Wireless connects to your device using Bluetooth® and offers a hassle-free wireless user experience with 25+ hours of playback and full-feature touch controls. The touch area allows the user to tap and swipe through their favorite songs at ease and also features a lock that secures the controls to avoid unintentional interruption.

    “The market is transforming and wireless was the natural next step for us. We are happy to present u-JAYS Wireless and believe that we have created an outstanding wireless experience, and look forward to see the customer response” says CEO Rune Torbjörnsen.

    u-JAYS Wireless is currently in pre-production and is expected to ship by the end of the year. Like the wired version, u-JAYS Wireless comes in combinations of black or white and silver or gold.

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  • u-JAYS headphones review: Is a $200 pair of headphones worth it?


    TechExplicit u-JAYS Headphones review

    “The u-Jays are sleek and comfortable, they are best all-around comfy on-ear wired headphones you can get out there”

    Read the full review.

  • u-JAYS x The Aesthetic Post


    u-JAYS On-ear headphones

    "One of the sound design intentions is that u-Jays are capable of producing higher quality audio at a lower volume, which is certainly the case. Listening to a more nuanced artist, where many layers of music can be present at one time, the range becomes apparent, and it is worth noting that with the u-Jays, on certain songs, I did notice elements in the middle range that I had not when listening before on other headphones. The sound dimensionality is very strong, and opposed to similar market headphones that seem to be obsessed with music-distracting heavy bass, u-Jays find a sweet spot in the low-middle.

    The design of u-Jays may lend itself best to quiet listening, but I find them perfectly sufficient for street and subway use, they are not noise canceling, but the firm ear cushion fit allows for a warm, surrounding sound; I found this is especially evident when listening to talk podcasts, which have a tendency to sound one dimensional and flat, but with u-Jays, you feel in-the-room.

    All things considered, u-Jays do a first-class job at both looking sharp and producing complex sound."

    Thank you The Aesthetic Post for reviewing the u-JAYS On-ear headphones!

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  • u-JAYS x TrueViralNews



    "If there’s one thing our Northern European friends have taught us, it’s that you don’t need brash style or bright colors to create a handsome pair of cans. [...] brands like Sweden’s JAYS offer refreshing alternatives, making minimalist designs and understated style look good. The latter company has been following that same less-is-more philosophy since its inception in 2006, and Jays’ new u-Jays on-ear headphones distill the stark styling to its very core.

    With sleek lines, perfectly circular earpieces, and not a single hinge or wire exposed, the new u-Jays are almost audacious in their minimalism. And lest you think these might be yet another pair of bass blasters in disguise, the sound follows the same principle, making these among the brand’s most balanced headphones we’ve encountered."

    Thank you TrueViralNews for reviewing the u-JAYS On-ear headphones.

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  • #PassYourJAYS - Marlene


    Marlene in the studio

    Since her hyped debut in 2014, Marlene has toured in Sweden, England and the United States with appreciated and acclaimed live shows in clubs and festivals. In Sweden, she dominated the scene at P3 Guld together with Silvana Imam and the song “För Evigt”. Marlene became known to an even wider international audience as producer legend Giorgio Moroder did his version of Marlene's own song “I Do This For You” on his album ’Deja Vu’ and it climbed to the top of the Billboard charts.

    Her newest single “All I Want” is a flirty, summery track produced by the duo Humble & Blisse and Nisj (Producer of the Year) and written by Marlene together with Ji Nilsson. It has just come out in time for summer, and we couldn’t think of a better time to welcome Marlene to #PassYourJAYS with the quote below.

    “I want to give a pair of u-JAYS to my friend and manager Linda! She is the future of the music industry and a true music lover. I have sent my songs to her for feedback for years during my creative process and she has always been honest and acted as ‘my extra pair of ears’. I think she deserves listening to mine and others music in really good quality!”

    Best of luck with the new single!



    Listen to the single on Spotify | Soundcloud

  • #PassYourJAYS - Pablo Valentino


    Pablo Valentino

    Globetrotter and collector of vinyls since 1997, Pablo Valentino is an endless epicurean not held back by the boundaries between genres – jazz, funk, boogie, disco, house, techno to hip-hop. He is the founder of the label FACES Records and he also co-directs MCDE Recordings. Resident at “Sucre” in Lyon, Pablo Valentino orchestrates there every month for house evenings Children Of The Drum.

    As part of #PassYourJAYS, Pablo passes a pair of u-JAYS On-ear headphones "To Lotfi, activist DJ from Lyon with whom I share the decks of my weekly radio show on RTU & Lyl Radio."

    Follow #PassYourJAYS in social media for more tributes to the love of music.



    Photo by Brice Robert.

  • #PassYourJAYS - Newtimers



    Growing up, life was all about music for Tim and Andreas, the duo behind Newtimers. Tim grew up with touring musicians as parents, known, from a very early age, what his future would be about. Andreas grew up with a single, immigrant mother and on various institutions for problematic youth. Instead of school, he studied lyrics. You could say the stereo was his father. Parental guidance was not advised because that father of his, spreading the message of anything from Vivaldi to Wu Tang Clan, didn't have a filter.

    They met in the early 00’s as a drummer and a rapper being recruited to the same band and shortly thereafter formed their partnership which would become Newtimers. Recently, the duo has been noticeable for features on hit singels such as 'When The Night Is Over' by The Magician and 'Together' alongside CAZZETTE and now it's time to finally reveal what Newtimers really is about a three track EP. All in all, this is Swedish melancholy at its absolute finest.

    Active since 2004 with a debut release in 2016, Newtimers were once called ”the band everyone has heard of but nobody’s seen” by one of Sweden’s biggest newspapers. Well, they say good things come to those who wait, and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate Newtimers’ new EP by including them in the #PassYourJAYS initiative.

    "We wanna pass our JAYS to our dear friend Kendal Johansson. Being a brilliant songwriter, producer and soundartist he really needs good quality sound in his genius ears when he's walking around gathering inspiration. He's also a genuinely stylish man. Sweets for our sweet."

    Check out the new EP here.

    Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another 10 years to hear more from these two!

    Follow #PassYourJAYS in social media for more tributes to the love of music.


  • MajorHifi review the u-JAYS On-ear headphones


    u-JAYS On-ear headphones

    "Packing a great dynamic sound with a midrange that doesn’t cut corners [...] these headphones offer a sound that can adapt to just about any genre. For $199, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better-sounding on-ear model. Even over-ear options would skew one direction or another, and you’d miss out on the whole package offered by these headphones."

    Thank your Carroll and MajorHifi for reviewing our u-JAYS On-ear headphones!

    Read the full review.

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