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CAMPAIGN! a-JAYS Five for Windows (also compatible with Android). Now only 15 USD + shipping! 

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A closeup on the Jays u-Jays


u-JAYS On-ear headphones

"Holding my reviewer’s breath long enough to do a pictorial closeup on the Jays’s latest headphone is no mean feat. The reason is simple: the u-Jays is, in my opinion, Jays’s best and most cohesive-sounding product. It shares the brilliant warmth of Nuforce’s HEM2, which sweetens every spin of New Order, of Iggy Pop, of Joy Division. But it follows it with fractionally more high-frequency extension and stereo detail. The smooth is balanced with the scrupulousness. In now way am I suggesting that audiophiles looking for reference quality pick it up. It’s not that phone. But where it comes to HiFi sounds, u-Jays knock it out of the park."

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