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  • Pass it on - LaPuma


    LaPuma is a Stockholm-based weird and wicked pop sensation that we totally adore. Free thinking is an asset and we love that organic, crazy and human feel they put into what they do. We both simply want to make the world a nicer and more funky place.

  • Pass it on - Crash Diet


    Crashdiet is a great, critically acclaimed Swedish band that believes as much as we in sticking to your guns. Their love for the 1980`s sleaze metal scene is as genuine as our love for a great sound. We both want to do it full on. And we both do.

  • a-JAYS Three awarded Editor's Choice


    Our a-JAYS Three got awarded Editor's Choice for best earphones of 2010 by Digital Versus. You can read more about a-JAYS and the editor's choice awards at their recently released christmas guide.

    And we're very happy to receive this decoration for this category! Thanks!

  • Pass it on - Deportees


    The band, hailing from the beautiful North of Sweden, is one of Sweden´s greatest, award winning, pop acts. Their latest album, Under The Pavement-The Beach, got smashing reviews all over the media and they are currently working on a new one. Meet them at

  • Pass it on - Stonebridge


    World renowned Swedish producer and mixing-genius. Meet him at

  • Pass it on - Kleerup


    One of Swedens producer sensations, working with Robyn, Lykke Li and Titiyo and many others. He was just recently named one of the worlds 20 hottest producers by New Musical Express. He is currently working with his own band Me And My Army and producing yet another great track with Robyn. Meet him at:

  • Pass it on - Kevin Churko


    Kevin Churko

    Photo: Kemnay Churko

    Ozzy Osbourne producer, awarded recording engineer and songwriter. Nominated for Producer of the Year 2010 for the work on his sons band Modern Science. Meet him at

  • Pass it on


  • JAYS' phones keep putting smiles on people's faces


    Yesterday, Anders Pengabrorsan paid a visit to the JAYS office to pick up his new q-JAYS Custom Molds.

  • We're rolling out our autumn campaign


    We're rolling out our new products all over the world and getting a lot of incredibly positive critique back. Along with that we're also, as of today, rolling out our brand new autumn advert campaign.

    Read the PM here. (In Swedish only)

    To see more of our ads - click here.

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