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  • Beautiful day



    A beautiful autumn morning in a rather cold Stockholm and we're on it. And as another company says that we sort of admire - "Worth waiting for..".


    a-JAYS Four For iPhone.



  • Geekanoids review on v-JAYS


    Hi friends!

    Just before the weekend we found this great review of our v-JAYS. Check it out and have a great weekend!

  • PC Advisor UK Review x 3!


    Over the mountains, take me accross the sky! Ozzy giving some inspirational thoughts to me and Daniel.

    PC Advisor in the UK just reviewed three of our new models. Check them out!

    a-JAYS One Review (4.5/5)

    a-JAYS Three Review (4/5)

    t-JAYS One Review (4/5)

    Thanks UK!



    PS:Be sure to read all our reviews here if you're trying to find your pair of earbuds.

  • Far beyond just another pair of earbuds!


    Good Morning World!

    Just kick started the day here with some Ozzy Osbourne. MacWorld Australia just laid their hands on a-JAYS Three and they like them a lot! Go check out the full review here.

    Lets be clear: when you buy a pair of these a-JAYS Three, you’re buying a portable music solution, not just a pair of headphones.

    Thanks Austalia!


  • a-JAYS Three gets 4/5 in Stuff magazine


    a-JAYS Three got reviewed in the latest issue of Stuff Magazine and got awarded four out of five.

    "If it were down to pure practicality the a-JAYS would walk this test. They come with an array of splitters, airplane adapters and cases, and the stealthy buds sit on the end of tape-like, tangle-free cables. The sound is massive - treble sparkles and bass booms..."

    So go get the magazine and check it out! And while you're at it, go get a pair of a-JAYS Three as well!

    You can read more about the phones here.

  • Another five star for v-JAYS


    Our v-JAYS headphones got yet another five star rating - Best value by far. This time from The Sunday Times.

    At just over 2oz, these are about as light as full-size headphones get. They are very flexible and the thin cable never gets in your way. The semi-open-backed design locks out the worst of the noise of the outside world, but not as effectively as the V-Modas’ closed back. Foam earpads and a slim headband make for an easy fit. The sound is superb: despite their low price, the v-Jays beat all but the Sennheisers on sound, being full of detail and emotion. Whatever music you choose, they let the recording shine through without a hint of hardness.

    Read more about the review and the verdict here.

    Thanks! Glad you like them too!

  • TouchMyApps says Grab It!


    a-JAYS Three have just been dissected by the always proffessional reviewer Shigzeo. Go grab the full review here!


    If you’ve enjoyed your Sennheiser CX series earphones but want to jump up to something with more style and better highs, the a-Jays is a great choice. If you are looking for replacement to the horrendous iBuds, look no further.

  • t-JAYS One awarded 4,5 of 5 and Editor's choice


    PC World Australia, recently posted a review of our t-JAYS One earphones, awarding them with a 4,5 out of 5 and the editor's choice award. Thanks guys! We're very happy with this product and thrilled about all the positive feedback we're receiving.

    Here are some words from the review:

    "The t-JAYS One earphones are loud, produce excellent clarity and bass, and, best of all, they are very small. Even though they are designed to plug in to your ear, they are very comfortable. However, you have to make sure you use the correct rubber sleeve size. The bottom line is, these earphones should be at the top of your shopping list if you value excellent audio quality and portability."

    Read the whole review here.

  • a-JAYS Three gets Editors' choice by Digital trends



    Digital trends reviewed our a-JAYS Three and gave them the editors' choice award and lots of positive critique. Thanks! We're very pleased to hear you like 'em.

    "The a-Jays Three are amazing headphones for the price. Sound quality, bass and build quality are all right where they need to be to put these ear buds at the top of the pack in their price range. The packaging and included accessories that come with the a-Jays are top notch, and more than you would typically get from a set of earbuds in this price range. The a-Jays Three come highly recommended."

    Read the full review here.

  • Is that an earphone? This is an earphone!


    Hi Friends,

    Ok, I might have some serious trama experiences from Crocodile Dundee and that huge knife of his.. Australia is getting hot and we get more and more reviews and wonderful comments on our new line up a-JAYS and t-JAYS. And we're glad someone else than me and Daniel appriciate passion about details. Our idea with the packaging was that it should be a product itself. Not a simple throw away garbage blister. Isnt it a great experience to hear yourself say "Hey, how about that!".

    These are two of the reviews which goes through both series.

    The first thing you’ll notice about any of the JAYS headphones, even before putting them on, is just how slick their packaging is. In what’s becoming a rather sterilised white world these days it’s refreshing to find a slick, well presented and ruggedly constructed box.

    And here's a great video review of them all made by Your Tech Life.


    Happy listening!


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