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CAMPAIGN! 30% off all white earphones and headphones until July 31st. Use code sunny at checkout.


  • Jays Web Store Open.


    We have just opened the door to our new Web Store. We deliver all over the globe so now we can reach all our fans out there. You'll find the purchase button under each product and we accept VISA, Mastercard and Klarna (Klarna = Sweden only).

    Go grab some!

  • Gizmodo likes v-JAYS


    Gizmodo have just made a battle between some lightweight beasts. Go check it out!

    The v-Jays are the comfort champions. They're the lightest headphones in this Battlemodo, to the point that you sometimes forget you're wearing them. And wow, v-Jays can seriously push air. The headphones deliver rich bass, and generally excellent sound across tonal frequencies.

  • Singapore IT Show 8-11 March


    Thank you Singapore folks, partners and Samsung for making this show the best yet!

  • Grammis 2012.


    Monday - Getting together around the sofa, putting 1100pcs a-JAYS Four iPhone White into cellophan bags. Attach cards with 1000 SEK voucher. Eating pizza. Do some more wrapping. And some more. Done.

    Tuesday - Shipping 1100pcs to Café Opera. Put them all on tables in the entrances. Mount roll-ups. Make sure everything will work. Done.

    Tuesday night - Make sure the dance floor is looking good. It did.. Red Bull anyone?

    Wednesday - Water. 100 gallons. Check.

    Summary - Reclaim the Grammis. Done.


    Thanks to everyone involved in making this happen.

  • t-JAYS Four iPhone hit the stores.


    t-JAYS Four iPhone, our brand new top of the line Apple remote in-ear earphone, has just started to hit the stores meaning the reviews starts to arrive so here's a few for you to check out.

    Touchgen 5/5

    Techguide 4.5/5

    gdgt 9/10

    In the US you can find them here for example:

    In Sweden it's easiest to go here:

  • JAYS Headset Control takes the lead!


    Since JAYS Headset Control app was released on the 15th of November it has become crazy popular! Now just two months later our app is one of the most downloaded, and highest rated, in the last month on Android marketplace in its category. We feel it is time to celebrate with a contents, the stakes are high so make sure to have a strong cup of coffee to get your brains running. A piece of a-JAYS One+ for Android will be sent to three lucky contestants.

    Now let's get started!

    JAYS Headset control is a perfect match with a-JAYS One+ with a software and hardware tweaked and optimized to work together. What new features does JAYS Headset Control provide to this set of fantastic earbuds? First three correct replies along with the best motivations will win!

    1. Free calls on any carrier

    x. Volume up and down

    2. Hot line to President Obama

    Send your answer and a motivations on why you should win to with your full name and address details.

  • Christmas time is coming, so...


  • Times Square, NY, 2011.12.19


  • Bring Me The Horizon Custom Moulds



    Our dear friend Jona and the rest of his amazing band Bring Me The Horizon got molded for individually fitted in-ear monitors to go with t-JAYS when they were in Stockholm a few weeks ago. And you know, you can do it too at HEARU, JAYS Concept Store at Ringvägen 92, Stockholm. Go check it out.

  • JAYS helping out.


    Ok, so it seems like a lot of people are not that satisfied with their crappy earphones. Lucky them JAYS was around to help out at Sitex 2011 in Singapore.

    Thanks to fans, friends and distributors in Singapore for making this so great.

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