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Elevate your music experience

a-JAYS One+
For iOS, Android & Windows
a-JAYS One+
a-JAYS One+
a-JAYS One+
USD 45
Out of stock
USD 45
2-year warranty | Fast delivery

Remote and microphone

Step up your music experience with a-JAYS One+. Building from the great qualities of a-JAYS One, these upgraded earphones come with an in-line remote to manage your music and phone calls. We develop our earphones in-house, so we can deliver an award-winning music experience, great design, and high durability.


Your remote. Your rules.

We listened to our a-JAYS One customers and as a result the a-JAYS One+ comes with a nifty single-button in-line control with a built-in mic.

Discover all the features

"Jays's latest addition to the a-JAYS range is another winner, bringing the warm sound we admired in the series's previous sets."

Trusted Review

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This is where it begins

a-JAYS One+ earphones sport a custom 8.6mm dynamic driver engineered for a throbbing bass response and lively vocals which will bring your music to life. While performance may be optimized for Android devices, these earphones are also engineered to work smoothly on Apple or Windows devices.

Made For iOS, Windows and Android

On a-JAYS One+ we've added a one-button remote with a built in mic so you can control talk and music on your mobile device. They are optimized for Android phones but also work great with Windows phones and all Apple iOS devices. You get the same award winning sound as on a-JAYS One and our beloved tangle free cables.

Customizable remote with mic

With the single-button in-line remote, you can play, pause and skip tracks, control the volume and receive or reject phone calls. The a-JAYS One+ even work seamlessly with apps like Spotify, YouTube and Skype so you can choose your preferred audio source.


Accessories for a perfect fit

a-JAYS One+ earphones comes with 5 sizes of silicone sleeves, designed to block out ambient noise and isolate sound. The result is a better music experience without having to strain your ears. Choose the size that fits you the most naturally. These soft, washable silicone sleeves were made to rest comfortably in your ear canals for long periods of use.

Tangle-free flat cables

Say goodbye to those annoying cable tangles with our signature tangle-free flat cables. Designed for functionality, these cables let you enjoy your music fuss-free whether you're traveling to work or running the track.

Tangle-Free Cables


  • General

    • Type:
    • Sound impression:
    • Price:
    • Colors:
    • Earphones
    • Heavy bass impact
    • USD 45
  • Remote

    • Type:
    • Microphone:
    • Operating system:
    • 1 btn remote
    • Standard
    • iOS, Windows, Android
  • Driver

    • Type:
    • Sensitivity:
    • Impedance:
    • Frequency response:
    • 8.6 mm dynamic speaker
    • 95 dB @ 1 kHz
    • 16 Ohm @ 1kHz
    • 20 Hz - 18 000 Hz
  • Earphones

    • Finish:
    • Isolation:
    • Finish matte
    • -40dB @ 2kHz
  • Cord

    • Type:
    • Length:
    • Plug:
    • TPE coated flat tangle free cable
    • 115 cm (45 in)
    • L-shaped, silver-plated stereo plug 3.5mm (1/8 in)
  • Accessories

    • Carrying case:
    • Cable clip:
    • Extension cord (I):
    • Silicone rubber sleeves:
    • User manual:
    • 5 pairs
    • English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Chinese


  • Good Gear Guide

    December 2011, Australia

    Good Gear Guide

    "The sound quality of these headphones is excellent. Its 8.5mm speakers supply a deep bass response and are perfect for electronic and hip-hop music. In addition to booming bass, they also do a good job of highlighting intricate bass-lines, and you don't have to be listening at a loud volume to hear these."

    - Good Gear Guide
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  • Trusted

    December 2011, United Kingdom

    Trusted Reviews

    "Jays's latest addition to the a-JAYS range is another winner, bringing the warm sound we admired in the series's previous sets. New to this model is a versatile one-button handsfree kit-come-remote, the right-angle jack of the "high-end" a-JAYS pairs and sound quality that edges out the basic One set with increased clarity. Smooth and easy-going, they provide an enjoyable all-day listen."

    - Trusted
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  • Gadget

    January 2012, USA


    "Are the Jays a-Jays One+ earphones a good upgrade for those users who are still on the stock earbuds? Absolutely! At this price point (£39.95 Europe, approx $60 U.S.) they are an outstanding value. With their warm sound, they are earphones that can easily be listened to for hours on end."

    - Gadget
    Read More
  • MacWorld UK

    February 2012, United Kingdom


    "The a-Jays One Plus headphones represent good value considering the sound quality and functionality they provide. And they’re even better for Android users, if that influences you."

    - MacWorld UK
    Read More


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