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a-JAYS® Three

For iOS, Android & Windows
a-JAYS Three
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USD 49
2-year warranty | Fast delivery

The little things make a big difference

Upgrade your music experience with our popular, award-winning a-JAYS series earphones. By designing our products in-house, we can deliver an award-winning music experience for you. Building on the success of their predecessors, the a-JAYS Three earphones emphasize the details, from the balanced sound to the sleek black rubber coating and finish.


Hear more. Feel more.

Look no further if you like your music with a solid, punchy bass complemented by crisp high notes. To improve the a-JAYS Three, our team of engineers focused on creating a balanced sound and an extended frequency range, so you can appreciate the low notes as well as the high ones; and everything in between. With a comfortable in-ear fit for the a-JAYS Three, enjoying great sound on the go has never been more affordable.

Discover all the features

"The a-Jays Three are amazing headphones for the price. Sound quality, bass and build quality are all right where they need to be to put these ear buds at the top of the pack in their price range. “

- Digital Trends

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The right choice for any sound

Whatever your music mood is for the day, tune out the world and immerse yourself in a rich, quality sound. Our custom 8.6mm TCD driver has been tailored to deliver powerful and precise bass, and a lively, dynamic range to keep your daily soundtracks fresh and enjoyable.


Effective noise-isolation

Our noise-isolating silicone sleeves let you enjoy a rich and fulfilling music experience even in noisy environments without straining your ears or turning up the volume. These comfortable silicone sleeves effectively seal in sound and block out ambient noise, which means that you get to enjoy clearer sound at the same volume.

Tangle-free flat cables

Say goodbye to those annoying cable tangles. Whether it’s during your next commute to work or your next workout session in the gym, you’ll never have to worry about trying to undo the mess thanks to our signature tangle-free flat cables. Designed for functionally, these cables let you enjoy your music fuss-free every time.

Rolled Cable

Accessories seal the deal

The a-JAYS Three earphones come packed with a range of useful accessories to enhance your music experience.

With 5 sizes of silicone sleeves, choose the pair that fits you most naturally. These soft, washable silicone sleeves isolate noise by creating a seal, and they rest comfortably in your ear canals for long periods of use.

We know how important good sound is while traveling, which is why you get an in-flight adapter, a stereo splitter to make sharing music with your friends easier, and a travel case to keep your earphones and accessories safe and secure. No matter where you are, just sit back and enjoy your music.



  • General

    • Type:
    • Sound impression:
    • Colors:
    • Earphones
    • Detailed and balanced sound with crisp highs
  • Driver

    • Type:
    • Sensitivity:
    • Impedance:
    • Frequency response:
    • 8.6 mm TCD Speaker
    • 97 dB @ 1 kHz
    • 16 Ohm @ 1kHz
    • 20 Hz - 22 000 Hz
  • Earphones

    • Finish:
    • Isolation:
    • Rubber
    • JAYS sound isolating sleeves
  • Cord

    • Type:
    • Length:
    • Plug:
    • TPE coated flat tangle free cable
    • 115 cm (45 in)
    • L-shaped, gold-plated stereo plug 3.5mm (1/8 in)
  • Accessories

    • Carrying case:
    • Cable clip:
    • Extension cord (I):
    • Silicone rubber sleeves:
    • User manual:
    • 5 pairs
    • English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Chinese


  • Gadget

    September 2010, USA

    Good Gear Guide

    "The a-JAYS Three are so lightweight that I would forget I even have them in my ear, which made me focus much more on my music than having to worry about them falling out and discomfort. I would highly recommend the a-JAYS Three for any music genre. The price, sound and build quality makes these a perfect pair of in-ears."

    - Gadget
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  • Digital Trends

    August 2010, USA

    Good Gear Guide

    "The a-Jays Three are amazing headphones for the price. Sound quality, bass and build quality are all right where they need to be to put these ear buds at the top of the pack in their price range. The packaging and included accessories that come with the a-Jays are top notch, and more than you would typically get from a set of earbuds in this price range. The a-Jays Three come highly recommended."

    - Digital Trends
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  • Stuff

    August 2010, USAA


    "These are a fantastic buy; brilliant all-rounders. They’re durable, cleverly designed, well-built, sound great and won’t break the bank. Far beyond just another pair of earbuds, the a-JAYS Threes are a portable music solution that packs a whole lot of value in to an attractive little package. If you’re in the market for affordable earphones with a great sound, grab a set. You won’t be disappointed."

    - Stuff
  • Australian MacWorld

    September 2010, Australia


    "If it were down to pure practicality the a-JAYS would walk this test. They come with an array of splitters, airplane adapters and cases, and the stealthy buds sit on the end of tape-like, tangle-free cables. The sound is massive - treble sparkles and bass booms..."

    - MacWorld UK
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  • Good Gear Guide

    August 2010, Australia


    "Sound quality is super-impressive considering the price. While obviously not audiophile quality, the a-Jays Three headphones boast impressive bass response. This punchy, deep bass rarely overpowers other elements. Mid-range is also well balanced, with vocals, in particular, a standout. While not super-crisp, the audio overall is warm and punchy. There is no evident distortion, even at high volume levels."

    - Good Gear Guide
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  • I4U News

    December 2010, USA


    "The a-Jays Three are perfect for fans of bass in their music who also expect good performance all around."

    - I4U News
    Read More
  • Ljud & Bild

    January 2011, Sweden


    "Jays a-JAYS Three, Årets Bästa 2010 - 2011 i kategorin öronsnäckor."

    - Ljud & Bild


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