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Noise cancelling headphones

Mute your surroundings

Jays wireless active noise cancelling headphones allows you to go about your day in complete silence, or in company by your favorite tracks on the subway or at the office without disturbing noise. Just activate ANC mode and shut out the world. The intelligent ANC technology mutes noisy ambient sounds for you to immerse into your music, your studies, or a moment of peace and quiet.

q-Seven WirelessANC headphones

The q-Seven Wireless is JAYS first active noise can- celling headphones, ever. These ANC headphones comes in a comfortable over-ear design to provide a soft fit on the ears for long listening hours. Powered up with 30 hours of wireless playtime you’re set to travel from Stockholm to Rio de Janeiro and back home again with your favorite podcast or YouTuber keeping you company all the way.


q-Seven Wireless“Hey Google, turn up the volume”

The Q stands for - Quiet. That’s just what our ANC headphones will bring you, and of course banging beats. So whenever you catch a vibe, Siri and Google Assistant will give you instant access to thousands of playlists, songs, and much more — all by the touch of a button. Just put on your active noise cancelling headphones, make a command and enjoy the music.


Wireless throughout the day

Giving up the traditional cable for wireless ANC headphones does not mean having to worry about running out of battery or charge your Bluetooth headphones constantly. When your headphones are paired with your phone by Bluetooth, a small bat- tery icon is displayed at the top of your screen to in- dicate the battery level of the wireless ANC head- phones. This way you will keep track of the battery level and when you need to charge your active noise cancellation headphones again.


Enjoy the silence

The big difference between regular headphones and active noise cancelling headphones is the possibility of shutting out the world and enjoying your music without any disturbing noise. The ANC technology embedded in the software of the ANC headphones identifies ambient sound and actively cancels it out to make your listening experience clear and free from disturbance. This is especially appreciated during traveling by plane and train - and when commuting as the setting tends to be quite noisy.

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