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Downloading iCloud songs to Curves with Apple's Music app

  1. Locate and open the Music app.


  2. Locate and open the Album, Artist, or Playlist you want to download.

  3. Tap the Download All button.



    • Data plan fees may apply for excessive mobile data download.
    • You can follow the download progress in the Music app. Once a song has completed download, you can open it in Curves Player.



    • On iOS 5.1: The Download All button is located at the bottom of the Albums and Artists song lists.
    • Playlists have the Download All button at the bottom.
  4. Go back to the Dirac HD Player app and open the downloaded song.


    • The downloaded songs should have dropped their cloud icons. If this is not the case, then refresh the list:
      1. Tap the Back button
      2. Tap the album, artist, or playlist that you were viewing.
      3. Now, the downloaded songs should have dropped their cloud icons.
    • iCloud

  5. Tap the song (without a cloud icon) to start playing it.

My earphones seem to be broken. Can you help me?

First, check your cell phone or media player you are using for your JAYS earphones and make sure this is not the source of the problem. Easiest way is to try your JAYS earphones in another cell phone/media player or another set of earphones in your cell phone/media player. If you by then are sure it’s the JAYS earphones that have a problem then contact your reseller and tell them about your problems with the product. We/they require a valid receipt to handle the warranty claim. This is for us/them to know the age of the product since we have a limited warranty period.

The remote on my earphones doesn’t work properly

Normally this is due to dirt/dust in the phone earphone jack or on the earphone metal plug causing bad/intermittent contact. Clean them both and try again. If the remote still have problems then if possible try them in another Apple device. If they still don’t work properly then contact your reseller for a warranty claim.

Grayed-out songs in JAYS Curves

We have noted that many iTunes Match users have problems with songs not being playable in JAYS Curves. We apologize for this while we are working on a solution.

To get around the problem of grayed-out songs due to iTunes Match or iCloud content, please follow these 3 steps to download your iCloud content to your device:

1. Delete JAYS Curves from your iPhone. (It will still be available for you from AppStore or through syncing from iTunes; you do not need to pay for it again!) Deleting the app resets the list of unplayable (grayed-out) songs that JAYS Curves keeps.

NOTE: If you have created playlists in JAYS Curves, they will be lost when deleting the app. You will have to create them again.

2. Use Apple's built-in Music app on your iPhone or iPod Touch to download the songs that you wish to play. JAYS Curves can only play songs that are available locally on your iPhone or iPod.

NOTE: The Music app can download whole Albums and Playlists from iCloud. Look for the "Download All" button at the bottom of the song list.

NOTE: Please be sure to use an internet connection (e.g. WiFi) with good data transfer rate and low cost, as this action may require many megabytes or several gigabytes of transfer, depending on the amount of music downloaded.

3. Re-install JAYS Curves on your iPhone or iPod Touch by downloading it again from AppStore or by checking its checkbox in the Apps (Sync Apps) list for your iPhone or iPod Touch and clicking the "Sync" button.

Now you should be able to play the songs you've downloaded.

You may contact us at if you have further questions. Thank you for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience!

I have lost one of my sleeves/ear tips. How can I find a new one?

You can purchase them in pairs directly from JAYS here. If you have any problems or further questions then just contact our support for help.

My earphones have lower sound volume on one side.

This is most often due to ear wax clogging the sound tube wax filter guard. Remove the silicon ear tips and use a tooth brush or similar and gently try to clean/remove the clogging from the metal grill and the sound should get back to normal. If not then contact your reseller of the product and make a warranty claim.

a-JAYS One+ compatible list

a-JAYS One+

Some brands use another type of 3.5mm standard meaning it won't work that good out of the box. a-JAYS One+ is made with the US standard meaning most HTC, Samsung, BlackBerry, iPhone and LG will work. However if you have problems with the earphones not working properly on your device, most often resulting in bad sound and functionality, then you most likely will need a cable converter such as the ones below.

These cable adapters are available world wide and through your reseller of the earphones. The adapter will also make a-JAYS One+ work on most Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones.

Headset Adapter Teknikmagasinet
Headset Adapter Netonnet
Headset Adapter Meelectronics

JAYS takes no responsibility on quality nor functionality of the cables above. These are recommendations based on customer feedback.

Phones that need a Headset Adapter

  • Samsung Galaxy S
  • Sony Ericsson (most models)
  • Nokia (models released prior to Lumia Series)

a-JAYS Five for Android compatibility list

a-JAYS Five for Android

a-JAYS Five for Android supports 4-pole CTIA / AHJ jack. The cell phone used needs to be released to the market 2012 or later and support 3-button remote headsets. On some products there might be some differences in functionality on up/down buttons. This is not a defect in the JAYS product, instead it is the manufacturer/model of the cell phone that has implemented limitations for 3rd part accessories and we recommend you to contact them too to highlight your problem. Below is a list with known products that work slightly different than normal.

Will control "change track" instead of "volume" on up/down buttons.

Nexus 7
No support for 3-button remotes.

LG Nexus 4
No support for 3-button remotes.

Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx HD
No support for 3-button remotes.

Android Headset remote App

Our free of charge Android app JAYS Headset Control can add even more features to your a-JAYS Five product.

Is cable noise normal on in-ear earphones?

All models

Behind the earsAll cables absorb noise when you touch them or they swing against your clothes. To minimize this you can either use a shirt clip (included in t-JAYS Four iPhone) or put the cables behind your ears as shown in the illustration above. By doing this the outer ears will absorb the microphonics from the cable and you will have less noise transfered into your ears.

I hear scratch noise when listening to my earphones. Are they faulty?

All models

Scratch noises are normally related to oxidation and dirt build up on the metal plug and can easily be removed by swiping around the metal jack with your fingers or use a paper with a mild water/soap mix.

I bought them at the airport. How do I make a warranty claim?

All models

Contact the reseller of your purchase since they are responsible to handle the warranty claim with you. If any problems then contact JAYS Support.

Will they fit with a bumper on my iPhone 4?

a-JAYS Four iPhone

If the bumper hole is 6mm or more and the thickness of the bumper is maximum 4mm then it will work together with our L-shaped (a-JAYS Four iPhone) plug without any problems.

Why do the earbuds fall out of my ears?

All models

All ears are unique meaning in-ear earphones sometimes can be a bit tricky in terms of finding a proper fit inside the ear canal for some users. We include a wide variety of sizes (XXS-L) on our silicon sleeves and in some models we also include foam sleeves. You can also have different size on your ears meaning one side can have Medium and the other Small so go ahead and try them all out. A bad fit will cause less bass response and they will also be more prone to fall out of your ear when you are on the go. It is also good to every now and then clean your ears since the ear wax can make it tougher for the silicone sleeves to stick onto the sides of the inner ear canal.

If the silicon sleeves doesn't make it for you we recommend trying out Comply Foam Sleeves that expand inside the ear canal. You can purchase these on our accessory page If you normally use XXS, XS or S on silicon sleeves we recommend foam sleeves with the size M. If you normally use M or L on silicon sleeves then go for L on the foam sleeves.

Remember most of our earphones can be used behind the ears meaning the ear absorb the microphonics (cable noise) and when you pull the cable they will still be stuck in your ears.

How often do I need to change the filters?

Only valid for the models j-JAYS, s-JAYS, d-JAYS, q-JAYS

Unlike many other brands, some of our earphones are bundled with exchangeable protective filters. This means that if you change them regularly the earphones will maintain its sound quality, despite the dust and dirt buildup that accumulates in all in-ear earphones over time.

There is no golden rule on how often you need to change the filters; some people might never need to do it while other might find it necessary to do it more often. However, as a rule of thumb, if you notice a sudden or gradual change in sound volume or sound characteristics you should change them.

If you love your earphones, change your filters and never use them without them!

The models listed above have filters that can be changed and those are included in the box. If your model is not in the list then the filters are not possible to change but you can try cleaning them with a tooth brush or similiar if audio problems.

One of my earphones is not as loud as the other. Why?

Only valid for the models j-JAYS, s-JAYS, d-JAYS, q-JAYS

Your filters have most likely been clogged by wax or dirt build-up. Even the smallest amount of wax can cause a drastic drop in sound level, so change the filters to ensure they haven't been clogged. Most of the earphones returned to Jays are not defective, but clogged.

If the problem persists then contact your reseller for further help.

If you change the filters regularly and always keep them on while listening your earphones will stay awesome for many years to come!

Please see the following questions for more information:

The sound comes and goes. What to do?

All models

Speaker cables are around 2mm in diameter and inside of them there are 3 cords and Kevlar material as a strengthener. Soldering joint are 1-2mm big and everything houses inside a tiny 3.5mm plug. If you get problems with intermittent sound it might be the cable that have been exposed to too much pull or swing force. Our products are 100% tested before leaving our factory with highest quality standard but if you get problems with your cables, please contact the reseller of your product for further help and information.

My product appears to be broken, where should I turn to get assistance?

All models

If you believe your product is defect we recommend that your first consult the User Manual, the solutions to many common problems can usually be found in the FAQ section in the last couple of pages for each language. If you have lost your manual you can find it at the download section for your product on our website.

If you fail to find a solution to your problem in the manual, then try to browse our FAQs. If you wish to return the unit for investigation we recommend that you first try to contact your reseller before forwarding your questions to us. For quick assistance, state your full name and address, and the name of the product you wish to return when contacting either us or your reseller.

How do I fix sound issues with my earphones?

Only valid for the models j-JAYS, s-JAYS, d-JAYS, q-JAYS

FiltersOur In-Ear earphones go deep into the ear canal and do need some more love to behave than normal headphones. There are filters for exchange included in the packaging when you buy our products and they look like this.

How often you need to change filters changes widely between users.

PLEASE NOTE! Many users just look at the filters and believe they look ok. To be 100% sure you need to change the filters even if they look ok.

If you experience some of the following problems then do change the filters.

  • Lower or no sound volume on one or both sides
  • Distorted sound
  • Intermittent lower sound
  • Problem with balance (sound not centered)
  • Worse Bass, Mids or Treble

Keep your ears clean to prevent wax buildup in your earphones. Clogged filters might cause sound reduction.


To change the filters you use a needle or a tweezer and you place it near the sides of the sound tube where the filter is mounted. Then you just rip it off. Make sure to not push the needle or tweezer into the sound tube behind the filter cause this will damage the armature and sound filter! Then you just pick one of the new filters that came with the box and place it back on the same place. Make sure it is centered. It is also to recommend that users with higher ear wax production do use ear cleaning accessories now and then to avoid this. Our filters are also sold as accessories.

Follow these simple recommendations and your earphones will stay awesome for longer.

After listening to my earphones/headphones my ears hurt. Is this normal?

All models

If you listen to excessive loud music for a long time you ears will get tired, this is a sign that you are not treating them as should. Try to lower the volume or stop using your earphones completely for a couple of hours or even days.