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v-JAYS® Headphones

Lightweight with punchy bass and clear details
Lightweight with punchy bass and clear details
v-JAYS Perspective White
Out of Stock
USD 59
2-year warranty | Worldwide shipping | 14 days return policy | Fast delivery

Extraordinary powerful, impressively light

v-JAYS is often compared against the category’s leading headphones and we are pleased they hold their own by delivering a heavy hitting, powerful performance despite weighing in at just 59 grams: impressively light for headphones in its class. While characterized by a solid and robust sound, v-JAYS is also designed for ideal portability and high durability.


Refined, yet powerful

Discover the finer details of your favorite music with v-JAYS’ deep and powerful sound. Engineered to optimize the best qualities of its two 40mm custom speakers by using a powerful Neodymium magnet, v-JAYS’ low impedance means that it uses lesser power to deliver a high quality sound.

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“We can’t emphasise just how good these headphones are."

- iCreate- 5/5

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Myaler Speaker

A refined sound experience

Enjoy a multilayered, spacious sound accentuated by a tight, punchy bass and clear, precise details. v-JAYS was developed to pack an extra punch without losing subtle details so that you can listen to your music the way it was meant to be heard by your favorite artists — honest and natural.

Flexible collapsible design

Enjoy comfort and convenience with v-JAYS slender headband and its collapsible design. With two foldable arms, easily tuck the headphones into a compact form when not in use. The speakers, each mounted on ball joints allow a tilt of up to 40 degrees. v-JAYS is made for comfort and flexibility even when in rigorous use.



v-JAYS comes with an extra pair of comfortable foam pads for you to replace your original pair easily when it has worn out. In addition, you also get a 70 cm extension cord for you to adjust the cable length to your preference.


  • General

    • Type:
    • Sound impression:
    • Price:
    • Colors:
    • Headphones
    • Engaging powerful sound with detailed balanced mids and highs.
    • USD 59
  • Driver

    • Type:
    • Sensitivity:
    • Impedance:
    • Frequency response:
    • 40 mm dynamic speaker, Open
    • 98 dB SPL @ 1 kHz
    • 24 Ohm @ 1 kHz
    • 25 Hz - 20 000 Hz
  • Headphones

    • Finish:
    • Isolation:
    • Weight:
    • Matte
    • Semi open
    • 59 grams (2.08 oz)
  • Cord

    • Type:
    • Length:
    • Diameter:
    • Plug:
    • TPE coated copper wire
    • 60 cm (23.5 in)
    • 3 mm / 2 mm (0.112/0.079 in)
    • Straight, gold-plated stereo mini-plug 3.5 mm (1/8 in)
  • Accessories

    • Extension cord (I):
    • Small foam cushions:
    • User manual:
    • 70 cm (27.5 in)
    • 2 pairs
    • English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese


  • iGizmo

    June 2009, United Kingdom


    "For the money, we have no complaints. You have little right to expect this much power from headphones this small and light, and without any compromises in subtlety and balance."

    - iGizmo
  • HiFi & Musik

    July 2009, Sweden

    Hifi o Ljud

    "The most beautiful and functional headphone we have seen in days and years, almost innovative in its own simplicity. Everything is reproduced very fast and tight and the bass is dead dry and extremely well articulated. They come delivered in a no-nonsens gift box."

    - HiFi & Musik
  • Digital Trends

    July 2009, USA

    Digital Trends

    "Ditch the wannabe earmuffs and grab a pair of these powerful welterweight champs."

    - Digital Trends
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  • Lyd & Bilde

    September 2009, Norway

    Lyd & Bilde

    "Jays tiny headphones are really cheap and really great. They are the smallest headphones in the test, but sound far better than you would imagine. For the price the v-JAYS are excellent and have a living and engaging dynamic sound. With these on your head it never becomes boring."

    - Lyd & Bilde
    Read More
  • HiFi World

    December 2010, United Kingdom

    Lyd & Bilde

    "The Jays' 40mm Mylar drivers deliver an extremely taut sound, yet with a natural musicality along with an unexpectedly refined and sophisticated tonality. Vocals and instruments were expansive yet delicately rendered, and treble was smooth and crisp with a surprising amount of atmosphere right up top. A worthy Hi-Fi World Award winner"

    - David Price, Editor, HiFi World
  • Sunday Times

    August 2010, United Kingdom

    Lyd & Bilde

    "At just over 2oz, these are about as light as full-size headphones get. They are very flexible and the thin cable never gets in your way. The semi-open-backed design locks out the worst of the noise of the outside world, but not as effectively as the V-Modas’ closed back. Foam earpads and a slim headband make for an easy fit. The sound is superb: despite their low price, the v-Jays beat all but the Sennheisers on sound, being full of detail and emotion. Whatever music you choose, they let the recording shine through without a hint of hardness."

    - Sunday Times
  • iCreate

    July 2009, United Kingdom

    Lyd & Bilde

    "Jays is a company that just doesn’t know how to do things badly. Every single time we get a pair of headphones through the letterbox we think that they can’t possibly be as good as the last set. And each time we are proved wrong by yet another set of great headphones. […]We can’t emphasise just how good these headphones are."

    - iCreate
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  • I4U News

    December 2010, USA

    Lyd & Bilde

    "The headphones were great overall and you get tons of bass, but also you get a very nuanced track letting you hear all the little parts of the song that an enthusiast wants to hear. You can hear the fingers sliding across the guitar strings in tracks with lots of instruments and you hear the little things that get lost on headphones with less "

    - I4U News
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